Maui Snorkel Tours

It's the Journey - Not the Destination

by Suzzy Robinson

Biology class

You Ask?

What does the Journey of life have to do with snorkeling? Well, my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer a few days ago and this news prompted me to the theme of this article. The doctor told my sister that her view of this journey with cancer is what will influence her experiences of it. She can either be negative & bitter or she can embrace the experience, sharing all the goodness from it along the way.

Maui visitors seek me out to teach them how to snorkel, of the marine life they will be seeing and to show them the best that Maui can offer under the ocean surface.

Each morning leading snorkel tours is like taking small journeys in life. From the time I talk with people via email/phone, to first meeting them in the morning, sorting out their gear, teaching them about the marine life & snorkel basics. Then getting into the ocean and learning snorkel skills, we head out on to the reef where the beauty and magic begins to unfold before their eyes.

Visitors from all walks of life seek me out to take/teach them snorkeling: from healthy everyday people, to those celebrating special occasions, couples with anniversaries, and families of all ages. There are many who are not comfortable in the ocean and want an experienced guide to take them out into a safe controlled environment. A lot of people come to me with special needs. Such as a woman who was paralyzed on her upper left side due to a automobile accident four years ago, or a man born without one of his legs (he had a special artificial limb he wore in the water) or others with terminal illnesses who want to experience this mysterious beauty before passing.

I don't take one morning of leading snorkel tours for granted. I feel it is an honor to be with each and everyone of you and I give my all to make sure you have the best experience possible. I love the ocean, love meeting people, and most of all, I love sharing this beautiful and unique place on planet earth. The beauty and majestic nature always leaves me excited for another adventure of snorkeling.

The journey - no matter where we are or what we are doing, it’s in the everyday choices we make and how we view them. So, when you, your family or friends are on Maui, please allow me the privledge of sharing another adventure in this mystery of life.