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a Picture is Worth 1000 Words

By Suzzy Robinson

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Duane, Eva & Suzzy

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words! This is one time where I need not say another word and I think  you’ll agree. First read the testimonial below and then view the photo’s on the following link. 

Know that I am inspired daily by each and everyone of you and I feel it is an  honor and privilege to have the opportunity of sharing my excitement and love of the ocean in addition to depositing a lifetime benchmark for your memory bank.

If you are inspired by this story or have been inspired by joining me snorkeling - please  “pay it forward” and share this with your friends, family and co-workers.  One never knows how it will impact the life of another.

My name is Charles Drumm, my friends call me Charlie and on March 19, 2009 my wife daughter and I had one of the best experiences of our lives when we went snorkeling with Suzzy Robinson.  Now this may not sound so great except for a few details.  I am a 59 year old disabled Vietnam veteran with a left leg amputation and our daughter is partially paralyzed due to a brain injury and spends most of her time in a wheelchair. 

She [Suzzy] took the time to make sure we were educated in the variety of creatures we were likely to see and to properly instruct us on the use of the snorkeling equipment she supplied. We especially like the dive masks with lenses that were similar to the glasses we wear instead of the blurred vision you have in a standard mask.

If you are interested in a similar experience to ours,  I would highly recommend Suzzy whether you're able bodied or have physical challenges.

Charles Drumm

Direct Link to images of the Drumm family snorkel tour.

I care and I love being of service to each and everyone one of you.  So, I continue to “Pay it Forward” for you, our oceans, our creator and of course for me being able to play in the ocean expressing my passion.  So whether you are joining me for a snorkel tour or talking with me on the phone gathering information to help you have a more enjoyable stay on the island, my aim is to help you have the best experience on Maui that will not only impact your holiday in a positive way but a reference point/benchmark to refer back to for your entire life. 

Please give me a call to schedule  your next snorkel tour or pass this onto another friend or family member who you can help make a positive impact in their lives….”Paying it Forward”.

With Aloha & Love,
Suzzy Robinson