a Message from Suzzy

Come on in the water is great!

After running snorkel tours for over 15 years on Maui and then adding another 10 years helping run the dive boats (guiding scuba tours and captaining the boats).. I still get a natural high sharing my love of the ocean.

People of all ages join me, the youngest 5 years old and the eldest 78 years old. They come out to learn to snorkel in a small group environment (6 people maximum), learn about the reef life and of course they are out to just have a great time. Big kids & little kids too. I must say this snorkel experience is usually one of the top highlights of people's stay while they are on Maui.

Sue & Charlie

One snorkeler in particular is Charlie Bohem. He and his parents (Les and Peg) have joined me for a few snorkel trips. Charlie’s enthusiasm for marine life and learning the ocean was quite obvious to me when we got in the water and he began rattling the scientific names of fish like a well tuned foreign language. He says he loves going out with someone who he can talk fish with (listed below are some of the books Charlie has read.)

"Dear Suzzy,

Here are the Hawaiian reef fish books I've read so far:
Hawaiian Reef Critters,
Hawaiian Reef Fish - The Identification Book, and
Hawaiian Reef Fish all by Casey Mahaney and Astrid Witte.
Reef Life by Andrea & Antonella Ferrari,
An Underwater Guide to Hawai'i by Ann Fielding & Ed Robinson,
A Pocket Guide to Hawai'i's underwater Paradise, and 
Hawaii's Fishes both by John P. Hoover,
Shore Fishes of Hawaii by John E. Randall,
Hawaiian Reefs and Tidepools by Ann Fielding, and
Surgeon Fishes of Hawaii and the World by John E. Randall.

Note: Commensalism rocks!

Senior snorkeler... Alex Sundberg"

You don’t have to be a fishy person to go on the tour nor do you need to be an experienced snorkeler... all you need to do is to show up and enjoy the ride. So come on in...the water is great! I hope to be snorkeling with you soon.

With Aloha,
Suzzy Robinson