Maui Snorkel Tours

Breaking Down Barriers

by Martha Courtney

a testimonial


Because my mother, Gladys, had two experiences in which she had to be rescued from drowning she developed a phobia for being in water that would cover her nose when she stood on the bottom. She has not learned how to tread water nor how to swim. She would not let me take her into deep water, although I assured her I would not let her drown! Over the years it was understood I would not bother her by insisting she go into water deeper than about four feet.

Mom Snorkel

While we were planning our trip to Maui, my sister-in-law talked to me about meeting you and how you took non-swimmers snorkeling. I wanted my mother to go snorkeling with me-although she made it clear she would wait for me while I went without her, I decided to purchase our tickets and let you reassure her she could snorkel. I also promised to stay by her side. Not wanting to take a chance of ruining part of our vacation, she decided to go along with the plans as much as she could tolerate and tried to follow your instructions.

With the well fitting wet suit, life jacket, and snorkel mask she said she had some confidence to proceed. She said she also believed she had to keep touching the back of the belly board as you had instructed or she would panic and start sinking. She was able to relax some and enjoy the sights while making certain she was holding on to the belly board. On a few occasions she followed your instructions and cleared her mask of some water that leaked into it. Being able to do that gave her more confidence.

After snorkeling for the first trip out, she decided to enjoy her accomplishments and wait on the beach while the good swimmers went on a second trip.

My mother is 77 years old, has cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and fights the pains of osteoarthritis.

.... Martha Courtney