Testimonials and Accolades

Hi Suzzy,
I just want to thank you again for you patience and knowledgeable information you afforded us on our snorkeling tour. Because of your patience, Sheila and I snorkeled four other times and saw many fish, turtles and coral. I would recommend you to anyone who wanted to participate in a snorkeling adventure.

Thanks again,
Chris Guertin

I can't say enough good things about our snorkeling excursion with Suzzy Robinson! It was the highlight of our Maui vacation.

Thank you so much for taking us on a snorkeling tour.  I said at the end of the outing that if I did nothing else on the vacation to Maui I would still be happy with our vacation. Renee, Thayne, Kellie, and I will always remember how kind, patient and informative your tour was.

In our group of four we had an experienced snorkeler, two intermediates, and one beginner. Suzzy was the most patient and thorough instructor we could have hoped for. She made our beginner feel at ease, taking all the time needed to insure a safe and pleasurable swim.  She supplied detailed information on the marine life we expected to see, and then later reviewed after the dive what we actually saw on our visit.

Knowing beforehand what to look for really enhances the experience. We were lucky enough to see eels, urchins, sea cucumbers, sea turtles, and of course lots of fish. The fish we saw were startling in their beauty. We enjoyed watching natural behavior where larger fish were being cleaned by wrasse fish. Suzzy pointed out to us how the turtles were extending their necks and arching their limbs to allow the cleaning fish to get to the most itchy spots. Incredible!

We went snorkeling three more times on our own after being with Suzzy, then we took a tour to Molokini Island on a big tour boat. It was so nice to be able to use the information that Suzzy gave us on these other outings. We liked our excursion with Suzzy much more than we did the big tour to Molokini.

Suzzy's snorkel tour was so wonderful that the next time I visit Maui I will schedule another tour with her.

Glade Warner,
Sandy Utah U.S.A.

I know it's been six week since my family and I vacationed in Maui.  I just wanted to thank you for the memorable snorkeling experience you provided for us on Easter Sunday.  I'm the one with 5 kids.  Our three oldest sons snorkeled and you allowed my wife and I to split the session.  What a wonderful experience we had and especially our three big boys. 

Robert W Glaess

The Sunday morning my family spent with you and Ed is one of our outstanding memories of our Hawaiian vacation. We were thrilled to meet Ed and have him join you in helping us explore an awesome dimension of the earth. His gorgeous photographs enable people to enjoy the underwater beauty in one way, but having the two of you share your passions in person captures your true mission of giving others the joy of knowing the world beneath the surface of the sea.

As you know, my near-drowning experience as a child limited my participation in water activities. During our first snorkeling trip with you, I felt as though I was ready to depart for another planet with all the gear. But a wet suit, floating belt, mask, flippers, cap, earplugs, and your famous boogey board along with your great instruction and constant monitoring enabled this old gal to swim (or float) among the surprising gifts of Mother Nature. I couldn't wait to have my family join Brent and me for a similar adventure. Of course, they all loved being with the two of you! The time was both fun and educational.

Snorkeling with Suzzy is a must for any adult or child who visits Maui.

Laury Adams,

Thank you again for the "grand tour".

Your enthusiasm, and knowledge made our trip that much better.

Colette and I swam several other reefs, (all paling in comparison) pointing to various wrasses and butterfly fish. Knowing their common names made swimming amongst them that much more enjoyable.

You live in a truly magical part of the world.


Susan and I want to thank you for showing us such a terrific time snorkeling last Thursday morning. It was probably one the best things we did on the islands, in terms of value for the dollar and fun per hour.

On a personal note, I am also grateful to you for seeing past my initial problems in the water and just being patient. Not giving up on me in front of my wife helped me to obtain a reasonable comfort level so I could focus less on dying and more on seeing. Not to mention allowing me to keep my manhood intact!

Because of your personalized instruction, we were able to see and do things that most people probably miss on the big boats. We felt that the money was very well spent, and that it actually bought us several trips, as we went out again on Thursday morning, just the two of us. Armed with the instruction you provided, we were much more confident in our abilities and were able to correctly identify most of what we saw.

Toby and Susan
Manhattan, KS

Just want to drop a line to say Aloha, and to thank you for such an experience. I never thought that I would ever snorkel in this life time, and you helped made it happened. It was so wonderful. The next time we're in Maui, we will absolutely give you a call again. Best regards to you and your family,


I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic time we had snorkeling with you while in Maui. It was truly one of the highlights of our trip and I can still hear Michael's screeches of excitment in my head. We will be sure to tell our friends what a wonderful time we had and look forward to our next visit. Thanks again.

Michelle Landolfi

I just wanted to drop a note to say how much we enjoyed our snorkeling adventures with Suzzy and Evalyn. [We] cancelled our trip to Molokini to go on a second trip with Evalyn. The experience exceeded all of our expectations and was a top highlight of our trip - and there was lots of competition!

Jonathan, Barbara, Sarah and Emma

We made it home after a wonderful two weeks in Hawaii. Our family all agrees that our time on Maui was the weather, more stuff to do, and our best “event“ of the two weeks....snorkeling with you!

Thank you again, Suzzy, for your patience and personal attention with us during our snorkel adventure. We felt so comfortable with you showing us the ropes for our first time snorkeling, and now are definitely comfortable doing it again. We saw the best and most beautiful areas of Maui during our trip that morning, and we got to eat the juiciest pineapple of our whole trip!!! Take care and I hope your business continues to succeed. We will recommend you to others if they are traveling to Hawaii. Thanks again.

Lyle, Linda, Jacob & Audrey

I want to tell you again what an incredible experience it was snorkeling! There is no way without your patience, support and expertise that I would have been successful in this activity. As you know this experience overcame 59 years of fear of the water. My next challenge is to take swimming lessons so I will be better prepared to snorkel on my next trip to Maui. Thanks so much for everything. I personally know you have truly found your calling. I believe things happen for a reason, and it’s no accident our call for a snorkeling guide was referred to you. Thanks again!

Laurie, Bellevue, WA.

We are now home in Pittsburgh, dealing with the reality of our daily lives here, but keeping Maui in our hearts. Mark and I were able to enroll in your Eco-Snorkel Tour while we were in Maui the last week of May. What a fantastic find! We enjoyed the small group atmosphere, the education provided, and especially the snorkeling. We had considered just doing a snorkel day trip to Molokini but am glad that we focused first on technique and recognition of species of fish with your group. An added bonus was the education of the formation of the Hawaiian islands. You provided everything for us, and what a joy it was! This little snorkeling jaunt brought out the true mermaid in me, and we are looking forward to our next snorkel trip. We loved Maui so much that we ended up missing our return flight back to LKA and were forced to stay an extra w days. It was tough, but we survived! Nicely… Thanks again.

Andrea and Mark

The snorkel experience you provided for us March 11th was the highlight of our trip. To view the underwater world was a changing experience and thanks to your expertise, we could participate without anxiety or fear. It was freeing to just “be” with the beauty of the coral and fish, listening to just to the sound of our own breathing. You gave us the skills we need to snorkel again in the future. We look forward to seeing you again on a future trip. Thank you for a lovely experience.

Michele, Charles and Kelly

I was in one of your snorkel classes recently and just wanted to write and thank you for your patience and excellent instruction. Your gentle, gradual approach saved this sport for me. I had attempted snorkeling once before and it was a complete disaster. I was ready to give it up completely. You gave me the confidence to go forward. Now I can't wait to go again. I now have my own bask, snorkel and flippers and my wife Karen and I both left Hawaii with our own new shorty wetsuits! Karen and I hope to see you again someday. If we can snorkel maybe we can learn to scuba dive too. It Could happen

Bernie & Karen

Thank you so much for a wonderful snorkeling tour when we were in Hawaii. My mom loved it, and she is so grateful to you for helping her overcome her fears. We both really appreciated your expertise & your making it so easy for us - it's the best snorkeling I've ever done.

Ellen & Karin

Thank you so much for the wonderful snorkeling excursion - I have never has so much fun in the water before, anywhere. You were go generous with your time, your expertise, and your excitement about what we were seeing - your skill made me feel completely confident and safe - I could go on and on. We did return to the beach and it was a wonderful feeling to realize that instead of seeing just a jumble of color and shape, we were naming at least some of the fish, thanks to your skillful teaching. Our othere children have already extracted a promise that we will all return to Maui, and another snorkeling expedition (or two) with you is high on our list of mandatory activities. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience.

Diane, Mel and Suzy

Thanks again for a wonderful snorkel experience last Tuesday. BJ and I loved every minute of it, and learned a lot of new things (always good). We've become much more confident snorkelers, and we don't need to refer to our fish card as much!

Kathleen J.

I've intended to write ever since we got home but decided that today was the day. We just wanted to thank you for your kind attention during our snorkeling trip on 10/15. It was an experience that we will never forget. After that Sunday morning with you, we snorkeled Black Rock several times & had a great time. Actually the highpoints of our vacation! It's also a skill we expect to practice again. Anyway, thank's again! Whenever we hear anyone say they're going to Maui, we will recommend that they make arrangements with you.

Larry & Sandy