Maui Snorkel Tours


a poem by Ev Schultz

To snorkel or not to snorkel….what a silly question;
The perfect family activity is snorkeling… again and again.
Non-swimmers, beginners and experts alike;
Take to the ocean for safe and guided delight.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish;
A rainbow of colors emerge from the reef.
Watching patiently on the surface as the reef comes alive,
A variety of species peek out or swim by.

A small blenny, a large jack, an octopus or a wrasse;
Occasional manta or spotted eagle ray, squid or monk seal.
Rare and unusual is there for us to see;
Motionless we wait and watch what’s underneath.

An ocean serenade begins with rhythms unmistakable;
A clicking pod of Spinner Dolphin coming our way.
They swim and jump and spin and observe us with curiosity;
Gliding underneath they accelerate with velocity.

Cleaner wrasse and gold ring surgeonfish astride turtle shells;
Picking parasites, algae, dead scales and skin from other fish as well.
Waiting on the bottom or mid water to be cleaned;
Hawaiian green sea turtles, a sight to be seen.

Now we’ve reached the end of our little tale;
Yet just a sample of what’s there to be found.
Under the water on your next snorkel tour;
We’ll find something unique just for you and yours.