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Art in the Sea

3 day free trial - $12.95 Registration Key unlocks the unlimited version. Includes FREE Screen Saver Control Panel program

Art in the Sea

Protect your monitor with over forty high quality (800x600dpi) images of marine art that only nature could create. Get eye to eye with a cuttlefish, loose yourself in the natural camouflage of nature, and paint your screen with the surreal colors and shapes that prove nature has a sense of humor.

The Art in the Sea Screen Saver displays 47 spectacular images by marine life photographer Ed Robinson.

FREE - Screen Saver Control Panel!
Included in your download is a nifty utility to help manage your screen saver library. Launch, configure, change, and disable your screen savers right from your taskbar. It can also choose a random screen saver each time you turn on your computer. The Control Panel is yours whether you purchase the screen saver or not.

Download your free 3 day trial copy of the Art in the Sea Screen Saver.
To install your new screen saver double click on "artfulsea.exe" and follow the easy installation directions.

Purchase price for the full unlimited version is $12.95. Call 1-800-635-1273 or 808-879-3584 with your Visa or Master Card ready. You will receive a registration key which will unlock the screen saver you already have installed.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows95 (SR2) through XP (not tested on VISTA)
  • Note: if you have the original Windows95a see Screen Saver Won't Start in technical issues covering OLEAUT32.DLL.
  • Color monitor with 256 colors (high color is better) set to 800x600 dpi
  • Sound card (to hear MIDI background music)
  • 5MB available disk space on drive C: