I Can See Clearly Now

SCUBA Mask Reading Monocle

Inexpensive and Easy - Anyone Can Do It!

Do You need reading glasses? Are you having trouble reading your pressure and depth gauge in dim light? Well me too until I found an easy solution to replace reading glasses underwater.

This little monocle is all it takes to bring the small and hard to focus gauges or reef creatures back into sharp vision.

The monocle does not replace prescription lenses, but if you are like me and use drugstore reading glasses this is a perfect addition to your underwater arsenal.

Simply clean the inside of your mask lens, add a drop of the supplied light sensitive cement and place the flat surface of the monocle over the cement. It only needs to be held in place for a minute in sunlight and left to cure for a few hours.

Order by Strength: +2 or +3 dioper
Price: $29.95 + $2.50 shipping/handling (US & Canada)

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