Windows Screen Savers

Technical Issues

Known Issues

Trend Micro Antivirus - screen saver has virus

Trend Micro antivirus quarantines your screen saver and states that it is infected with a virus. The screen saver is not infected but the antivirus software catches a line of code in the installation portion of the screen saver and flags it as trojan code. The screen saver is not infected and the antivirus program is reporting a "false positive".

Unfortunately there is no easy solution and you may not be able to keep the screen saver installed. At one time I was able to list the screen saver's file name in the "exceptions" list of the antivirus properties so it ignored the screen saver. But after installing a newer version of the antivirus program the problem reemerged and I was unable to rectify it. My emails to Trend Micro went unanswered. Sorry.

Screen Saver Freezes

If your screen saver freezes and you see a dialogue box stating that the "program has performed an illegal action" you are most likely running into a problem on a computer that does not have a sound card.

The problem is easily remedied by calling up the desktop properties box, selecting "screen saver" and going to the settings. Select the "Multimedia" button and click on "mute sounds".

Screen Saver Won't Start

If you have loaded the screen saver and your computer can see the file but acts like it is not there or you get a dialogue box mentioning "OLEAUT32.DLL" you may have an older version of Win95.

This DLL is automatically updated if you install any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 3.0 up. You can also download the file "OADIST.EXE" and double click on it to update your Win95 program.

Posterization between picture change

If you notice an odd color shift or posterization during the transition between images your monitor is most likely set to "256 color".

The posterization problem can be corrected in several ways. If you have enough memory and your display card allows you can changing your monitor setting to "high color" or "true color" in the desktop properties, settings box. This will give the best results.

Optionally, you can set the screen saver to 256 color. You do this by going to the screen saver dialogue box in desktop properties and select the "transitions" tab. You then select the "advanced" button and click on "standard pallet". The posterization will go away but you may also notice a slight decrease in image quality.

Demo version says it is expired the first time you run it

Unfortunately all screen savers built by Stardust Software's Screen Saver Toolkit use the same method to check time-trial expiration. So if you have let any screen saver of this vintage expire then all that follow will appear to have expired also. In this event we offer a seven day no question's ask, money back guarantee if you purchase the registration key through our 800 number. Please state that you are requesting the 7 day guarantee at the time of purchase.

Technical Support

For technical support you may contact the author, Ed Robinson by e-mail or by phone at (808) 875-0364. Please call between 8:00am - 4:00pm Hawaiian Time.