Where We Go


White Ulua

We now offer a more aggressive 3 tank trip geared toward divers who feel our regular charters do not fulfill their quest for adventure! Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays we invite experienced divers to join us on Sea Spirit for a new level of diving experience. Dive computers are included to get maximum time underwater. If you are looking for more challenging dives consider this trip!


Hawaiian Lobster

Thursday is special because it is the only day of the week we run our two tank "Sunset/Night dive" charter. We have discovered that dusk is a unique time of change for the reef animals. Some perform mating rituals, others display feeding activity and some are easy to approach as they become sleepy. After your dive and a catered meal you then dive into a new world of night creatures. Crustaceans (crabs, shrimp & lobsters), Mollusks (shells, octopus & the Beautiful Spanish Dancer nudibranch) and all the nocturnal fish of the reef appear before your light. Let us show you "night life" as you've never seen it before.


Knob Hill, Lanai

Once a week (Wednesday) we invite experienced divers to explore the Maui reef system in a less structured tour that is perfect for photographers and divers that like to pace their own dives rather than following a guide. Ed has designed this trip in the fashion of diving he enjoys on his day off. Dive sites are never predetermined and many of the dives are to out-of-the-way or not well known locations. These trips are always a great adventure and lots of fun. Join Ed (He is usually on this trip) and let's go diving! A little more information here.


Daily we have the option to dive Molokini Crater. One of the most convenient sites, its location is just 20 minutes from the Kihei Launch, where we depart. I have dived extensively in the South Pacific, and I can say unequivocally that this area (and Hawaii in general) has the clearest water I have seen, averaging 120-150'. Expect white-tip sharks, eels, schools of butterflyfish, and occasionally manta rays.

Back Wall, MolokiniMOLOKINI WALL

One of the most spectacular areas of Molokini is the Backside Wall Dive. The crater towers almost 200' above water, and plummets vertically to the bottom about 200' below. Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine rated this site the most popular wall dive in U.S. waters.


Many of these sites are remote and accessible only by boat. The topography and animal life of each site vary, so you can experience the great diversity Hawaiian diving has to offer. The most popular features of many of these sites are turtles, frog fish, and a myriad of unusual and rare fish and invertebrates.