Announcement - New Trip

Two Tank Adventure-X
(eXplore Maui's reefs)

Adventure diving for photographers and explorers

Pinnacle Point

We are excited about a new kind of trip that should please Photographers, repeating divers, and anyone interested in exploring new dive sites.

Our Adventure-X trip offers divers the experience of exploring Maui’s reefs with Ed Robinson and the professional divemasters of ERDA. Ed has designed this trip to fit his style of diving and invites like minded divers to bring their cameras and their spirit of adventure. The dive sites will be chosen on the day of the trip and take advantage of weather and sea conditions to offer sites that are unique or not often dived. Expect lots of exploratory drift dives and sites you have not seen  before. Safety is always paramount but the tours will be as informal as you like. Ed or another divemaster will be available to guide you through each site, or you will often have the option to dive your own dive without the structure of a tour.

Before and between dives informative talks on safety, marine life and photo tips will make the trip educational as well as fun.

Nitrox (32%) is encouraged for those certified to use it. Dive computers and safety sausages are required (included in the cost.)

Contact our friendly office staff to reserve your next adventure dive. 1-800-635-1273

6:30AM check-in
Return may be later than normal 2-tank (1:00?)
$149.95 includes computer, tanks (air) and weights.
$15.00/tank 32% Nitrox
(plus taxes and fees)

A note on our Lanai Trip: For many years we have run a weekly Wednesday Lanai trip. Those of you that have been on this trip when the trade winds were blowing know how long and rough your voyage was. We have reluctantly decided to suspend our Lanai trips. There are several reputable Lahaina dive companies that we can recommend for Lanai Island trips.

Update on our Adventure-X trip

Taape Snapper school

After operating our 2 tank Adventure-X trip for almost two months we have had a chance to evaluate the popularity of this unique charter. Comments from divers that have joined us are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the dives and the way they are presented. Although it is not guaranteed, Ed Robinson has been on all the Adventure-X trips and has even been a divemaster on many of the dives. The comment from one of the divers, Marc Weiss, sums other divers feelings well "The highlight of our trip was the Adventure Ex dives with you [Ed R.] as our trip leader. Doing dives on some of your favorite “secret” locations was a real treat."

We are continuing to fine-tune our "free form" dive techniques to insure the dives are interesting, fun and safe. Come and join us and see for yourself why divers are so enthusiastic about our Adventure-X trip.

Let's Go Diving!