Tank & Landing Craft

by Ed Robinson

Sitting in sixty feet of water off Makena Landing lays two WWII vintage amphibious tractors or "Amtracs." The "Tank" of Tank & Landing Craft was named (or miss-identified) because of the heavy turret with a short barrel that made the author (me) think this was a tank. I've since learned that Amtracs also sometimes carried turrets and short barrel mortars.

the two vehicles are situated about 300' apart. The "Tank" is pretty much stripped apart by storms and souvenir seeking divers and looks like a pile of junk. However it is a great home to a plethora of invertebrates and small fish. Even the occasional turtle will use the wreck as a refuge.

The "Landing Craft" is an Amtrac that does not have a turret and is just two treads and an open box. This wreck is more intact than the "Tank" and is home to schools of damselfish and many small individual fish.

The sand bottom around and between the two wrecks is also a good area to find mantis shrimp, the large helmet shell and cone shells.

.... Ed Robinson - 1/6/08