Announcement - New Dive

Two Tank Adventure Trip

We're stirring it up again! Starting June 1st we are offering a new type of 2-tank Adventure dive for photographers and all experienced divers.

The wildly successful Adventure-X dive on Wednesdays has spawned the idea of changing our long standing Sunday 3-Tank Adventure Dive to a 2-tank Adventure trip.  Many of our long time divers enjoy the adventure trips but find 3 dives to either take too much time away from their families or simply are too exhausting.  So we listened to your suggestions and will be shifting the Sunday 3-Tank to a 2-Tank Adventure on June 1st.

Sundays 2-Tank Adventure features our most experienced crew (Byrd, Kim & Dave) and will focus on extended bottom time where nitrox is encouraged which will benefit photographers, will provide dive site variety, and of course….FUN!

As always, all adventure charters will require pre-requisites to encourage more advanced divers who dive regularly.

This new schedule will provide:
Daily 2-Tank charters
2 x 2-Tank Adventure Trips (Wed/Sun) per week*
2 x 3-Tank Adventure Trips (Tues/Fri) per week
Sunset/Night Dives (Thursdays)
*The Wednesday Adventure-X still features diving with Ed when he’s available and trips to unique and different locations. 
Let's Go Diving!
Photo-Zoom Images by Randsco