48 Hour Cancellation Policy

(for a Private Charter replace 48 hours with 7 days)

How your dive booking is confirmed

Normally you will confirm your final dive bookings over the phone through our booking office. This will save you the inconvenience of coming to our location, especially if you are still on the mainland. One of the final items of our booking procedure will be to inform you of our 48 hour cancellation policy. At that time you will be asked if you agree to be financially responsible for your space(s) on the boat even if you do not make the charter and you have not cancelled outside 48 hours prior to check in.

Your agreement to take on this financial responsibility is essential to the final confirmation of your booking. Once you have agreed to the cancellation terms our office will make a notation on your booking record to confirm this verbal agreement has taken place. This notation helps us in the future to confirm that you were informed of the cancellation policy and that you did agree to its terms.

If you do not agree you will be taken off the confirmed list and may still join the charter on a last minute space available basis. You can call the office between 7:30-8:00P the evening before the charter to learn if there is still space. This is the only exception to the cancellation requirement.

If you are booking for a group of divers you will be informed of your financial responsibility for all the divers you are representing. In many cases when this is not acceptable we will hold the reservation for a specified amount of time to allow the other divers in your group to contact our office and take over their own reservation responsibilities.

Private boat reservations are covered by a 7 day cancellation policy. Financial responsibility for a private charter must be held by a single person or company.

Canceling your dive inside 48 hours

If you determine you will not make your confirmed dive you should at your earliest convenience inform our office of your desire to cancel. At that time you will be informed that you are still responsible for the cost of your space but we will do our best to resell your space. In the event that your space is resold you will not be charged.

If we are not able to resell your space you will be charged the lowest price for that particular charter, usually a snorkeler rate. If you are making multiple dives this trip will count toward any discounts.

Waiving the Cancellation Policy

  • No financial responsibility if the seat has been resold.
  • Cancellation Policy will be waived if we receive a copy of a medical note from a local doctor for treatment/exam which must have taken place within 48 hours of check in time of the missed dive. This does not waive a companion diver.
  • Cancellation Policy will be waived if diver(s) miss the boat due to an event that effects the population at large - example would be road closure where no one can get through.


We do not "over sell" as airlines sometimes do, so once a seat is sold we hold it for that customer and frequently turn away other divers as a result.

When we confirm a sold seat we guarantee to hold it for that customer. In return we expect the customer's verbal "hand shake" agreeing to financial responsibility for the seat.

Conflict Resolution

We've heard a plethora of reasons why a diver might not show up for a charter. All are valid and we will readily acknowledge them. However there is no excuse that relieves a person from personal responsibility. Since there is often no signed consent to the Cancellation Policy which makes it legally binding we rely on the integrity and ethics of each person. A verbal agreement has been made and there is no implied situation that would break that agreement with the exception of the waivers listed above.

Our office personnel do not have authority to grant any waiver to the Cancellation Policy other than the waivers listed above. If you wish to argue your situation the office will forward your comments to the owner. However please understand that your personal integrity is assumed and relieving you of your financial agreement is at the discretion of the owner. Occasionally compelling mitigating facts will convince the owner to make an exception however most excuses will be acknowledged while at the same time upholding your agreement to the terms of the Cancellation Policy.