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Tiger Shark Encounter

photo and description by Jane Arnold

Early one Tuesday morning back in June divers were greeted with quite a scene on the "Enenue" dive site at Molokini. During the night a large manta ray was entangled in a deep mooring line and drowned. The first divers in the water that morning were greeted by several large tiger sharks that were actively feeding on the the dead manta.

The shark photo was taken by Jane Arnold on the inaugural dive she made with her new Fujifilm Fine Pix F40 camera. In Jane's words...

Tiger Shark

"When we dove at the Enenue site on Molokini, the tiger shark was farther away than a good picture with this system would allow, and the closer he got, the clearer the pictures.  There was one point that he looked like he was swimming straight at me and I had the forced flash on and I didn't take the shot because I really didn't want to get his full undivided attention.  I have never been in that situation with a shark bigger than me and I opted for the safer shot.  That was probably the most exciting dive I've ever done!"

Mahalo to Mark and Jane Arnold for sharing her images with us.