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Monk Seal & Ed

by Stacy Oresman

Mahalo to Stacy and Martha Oresman for this short movie of Ed Robinson's close encounter with a monk seal. This was Martha's 100th dive and the monk seal made her dive even more special because she works with harbor seal pups during the spring.

What a great way to start the day! While making our first Adventure-X dive of the day off the Pali cliffs between Lahaina and Maalaea a lone monk seal joined us at 80'. After five minutes of the seal examining John, our divemaster and a few other divers we parted our ways and moved into shallow water. Lo and behold, we were again joined by the monk seal which swam among and interacted with the divers for the remainder of our dive.

Stacy's 60 second video shows a close encounter between the seal and Ed, presumably because the seal was intrigued by seeing its' reflection in Ed's camera dome.