Midway Atoll

National Wildlife Refuge


Midway Atoll Screen Saver

Enjoy the spectacular wildlife of one of the Nation's newest National Wildlife Refuges. Midway Atoll is located over 1,200 miles from Honolulu and was closed to the public for over fifty years. The islands are now open and visited by divers, fishermen and bird lovers. During the year millions of seabirds nest on these islands and underwater is a host to rare Hawaiian fish, schools of large jacks and an abundance of sharks.

The Midway Atoll Screen Saver displays over 50 spectacular high quality (1024x768) images of Albatross and other seabirds, Hawaiian monk seals, unique and rare fish and lots of shark and big fish action. Photography is by Ed Robinson.

Note: This is a Windows screen saver and works on versions 95, 98, 2000, XP & VISTA. Unfortunately users of Trend Micro antivirus software may not be able to use this screen saver due to a conflict with the antivirus program.

To download your free copy of the Midway Atoll Screen Saver select "save to disk":

  • Midway.exe (11MB)
  • Midway.zip (11MB) use this if your antivirus does not allow *.exe files to download.

After your download if necessary unpack your "zip" file. To install your new screen saver double click on the Midway.exe file and follow the normal Windows installation directions.

To uninstall use "Add/Remove" from the control panel.

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