Why We Dive

It was BIG!

by Ev Schultz
(No. 6)


Recent activities in the ocean reinforce why we dive…
every day is different!

“Marlin, did you say Marlin?” 

We’ve watched a number of bait balls which are hundreds of small silvery fish appearing at different areas of Molokini over the years, and have enjoyed watching feeding activities of Gray and White Tip Reef Sharks, large boogie board size Jacks or Giant Trevalle (ulua), and even the occasional Barracuda.  On May 14th a Marlin was doing its own fishing at Molokini as it was chasing a bait ball.  Yah!  A Marlin!!!

As a side note the snorkel and dive boats had a fire drill at the first sighting of a large dorsal fin that was thought to be that of a large tiger shark. Several snorkelers had to be “rescued” before the marlin was identified.

Occasionally we’re in the path of hunters on the reef, are thankful for their agility in maneuvering around us, and are equally thankful we’re not on the menu.  Often different species hunt together such as Jacks with White Tip Reef Sharks or eels, or closer to the reef are Eels and Peacock Groupers.  It’s interesting to watch behaviors on the reef but not always easy to see the results of hunting activity.  Dave was intrigued by the activity of five eels a few weeks ago who had congregated in one small area, until he realized there was a nervous Pink Tail Triggerfish backed into the reef with very large eyes!

Turning to the softer side of diving, the end of May continued our series on sex in the sea with mating Viper Eels, mating Yellow Margin Morays, and flirting White Tip Reef Sharks with love bites!

Staying with the theme of the day, on June 13th, divers enjoyed snorkeling with a 30 foot Whaleshark during dive surface intervals.  The three tank charter had two surface intervals to enjoy the graceful creature which hung out around Molokini Crater throughout the morning.  If you’re not sure how to compare the size of this Whaleshark, we usually see 25 foot long creatures, and this one was about 2 feet shy of the length of the Sea Spirit or 30’.

The only thing missing is you!

Let's go Diving .......... Ev Schultz

Ev Schultz is an integral part of ERDA. She has managed the booking office for over nine years and is constantly being praised by our customers for her warm and friendly manor while dealing with our diver's needs.

Photo-Zoom Images by Randsco