Why We Dive

A November Poem

by Ev Schultz

Early November, shark soup in the mix;
Galapagos, grey reef and many white tips;
Enenue, Edge of the World, The Cove and Reef's End;
They're everywhere, they're everywhere...more sharks around the bend.

With current on the wall and sharks close at hand;
A photographers dream, even posing in the sand;
Six feet, three feet…don't they seem close?
Hope they're not hungry…only curios in repose.

Mid November brought whales rested from their long journey;
Spouting and breaching and not in a hurry;
Spinner dolphin glide by with a twist and a spin;
A playful display watching us with a grin.

Frog fish and mantas and spotted eagle rays;
What a marvelous way to spend our days;
Pinnacle Point, La Peruse, Golden Arches and River Run;
Our south coast sites were unique and fun.

We end our month in a positive vein;
20 grey shark pups and a little rain;
For critter variety there was no lack;
And on the 28th our whale shark was back!

The start to December with weather uncooperative;
But at 80 degrees, storms are easy to forgive;
As we look to the holidays and the year as it ends;
We all wish you and yours, joy and happiness…from your ERDA friends.

Na ka uhane o keia kau e ho'ohau'oli i kou pu'uwai
(May the spirit of the season gladded your heart)

.... © 2007, Ev Schultz
Photo-Zoom Images by Randsco